The show follows the adventures of Dick Whittington and his beloved cat Tommy as they seek fame and fortune in London, looked after at all times by the power of good in the form of Spirit of the Bells.

Arriving in the capitol city he soon meets up with a local shop-keepers daughter Alice and they quickly fall in love. Dick is put to work in the store, by Alice’ father, Alderman Fitzwarren but, under the spell of King Rat fellow employee Idle Jack who is also in love with Alice, loses Dick his job by planting the shops takings in his bundle.

Back on the streets Dick dreams of becoming Lord Mayor of London before he and Tommy encounter a chance meeting with Captain Slog and the Ships Mate who offer them a job aboard his ship bound for Morrocco, a ship that unbeknown to Dick is owned by Alderman Fitzwarren who was to be joining the ship for the voyage with his cook, Sarah, Idle Jack, and his beautiful daughter…..Alice!

Shortly after setting sail, the ship hits stormy weather whipped up by King Rat, leaving the crew stranded on an island ruled by the Sultan.

Not taking kindly to the invasion of his shores by the bedraggled crew, the Sultan threatens them all with death, unless they are able to help him overcome an infestation of rats. Tommy is promptly set to work killing the rats that run rife, and in doing so also overcomes the evil King Rat.

To seal the fairytale happy ending, Spirit of the Bells appears to reveal that she has been looking after Dick since his arrival in London, and to facilitate both the marriage of Dick and Alice, and their return to London where Dick is to be given the title he dreamed of, Lord Mayor of London.