Seating at all performances is un-allocated, and is available on a first come first served basis on admission to the auditorium.

At each performance however, front-of-house staff will allocate a number of rows at the front of the auditorium which will be reserved solely for children who wish to sit there without their parents or other responsible adults.

The number of rows reserved will be based upon ticket sales at each performance, and decided upon by the Front of House Manager.

Adults and those children who do not wish to occupy the front rows will be free to chose seats anywhere else in the auditorium, however, in the event of a sell-out performance where spare spaces remain in the reserved front rows, and it is not possible for these seats to be occupied by children, the remaining seats will be filled by adult audience members, only once the remainder of the seats elsewhere have been occupied.

In the event of any seating queries or disputes, these will be dealt with by the Front of House Manager and their staff